About Us
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About the Artist: Pushpa Sharma is a housewife and love to paint in her leisure time. Pushpa Sharma is a self-taught artist and her interest towards Fine Art came from her childhood. Her mentors always appreciated her artwork and motivated her. After her schooling, she did a Diploma in Textile Designing from ITI and an Apprenticeship Training from a Government Institute in New Delhi, India. She was passionate with Fine Art and started her own study and practice in this field. After her graduation from Delhi University, she worked with a Home Furnishing Firm as an "Artist" for couple of years and then got married. Almost after a gap of 13 years, she again picked-up her brush in 2015 and resumed painting with her full enthusiasm. 

Pushpa is an avid art lover and loves to paint. She is an emerging self-taught Artist, who has learnt and still learning from her own creative and innovative ideas. 

Pushpa Art Gallery is a platform to showcase contemporary Art for every art lover. We have a wide range of variety of "handmade" artwork. We create our own artwork with our own creative and innovative thinking/ideas. None of our artwork is a copy and purely, solely original and genuine. Every artwork is handmade and absolutely original. We don't do reproduction/re-printing of any of our artwork. Our artworks are ideal for decorating homes, corporate establishments and perfect for gifting. In addition to this all our artwork comes at a very affordable price tags. We use imported high quality handmade paper and colours/pens and our artwork last forever. We are duly registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. 

On the request and suggestions of our esteemed clients (both in India and abroad), we decided to create and launch our own Art Gallery. Pushpa Art Gallery is launched in August 2016. 

We provide all our original artwork with or without frames, based on the clients’ requirement. We also do customized artwork that includes portraits.   

We are the active member of: India Art Gallery; Fine Art America; VIDA